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New Summer 2021

Welcome to the door PORTA

Story of PORTA


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl was in a reed field in the North of Portugal.


She loves to play and dance with the wind, rides on a horse in the nature.


She picks the fruits from the pomegranate tree when she gets hungry.


Yeah I guess, She is a kind of girl who never listen what the parents says.


One day she found a  rustic door in the middle of field,

wonder where it comes from and going to?


She was reaching to the door and tried to open it...

This is a begging of the story of PORTA.


Dedicate to our craftsmen in Portugal.
We care about the sustainable life.
Our products are handmade with Love.

Yukiko Sampaio

PORTA bags are handmade baskets with love by local artisans in North of Portugal, A life in the beauty of reed field in harvest season, A horse riding in the coast in a sunny day. A simplicity of life in the nature always gives us a comfort and grace.

We are producing the bags by hands each day. You can see our materials are carefully chosen with many thoughtful details from outside to inside. we are trying not making over production and waste minimum as possible to protect our nature. 

For our craftsman can pass this beautiful tradition to the young generation, our project has begun.

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